Patricia M

I love Power Crunch bars. I like them more than candy bars or store bought cookies. How wonderful to have a protein treat that you like better than regular options.

Ashley S

I’m post-WLS and have tried many protein shakes/powders and this one is by far the best I’ve tried!!!!!

Joey A

These are the yummiest protein bars that I’ve ever tasted. I have a mean sweet tooth. So these bars satisfy my craving every time. Excellent job!

Maris L

I like the milk chocolate Choklat bar. Being a woman, sometimes you just need a chocolate bar. And this bar has protein in also. And it is very yummy! Try one!

Shelli A

These are great! Since I can no longer find my kasha bars these are better!

Sam M

Power Crunch bars are the greatest thing to happen to the world of protein. They are a delicious and amazing treat. What wonders will they come up with next? Salted Carmel nearly exploded my mind! On behalf of humanity, I thank you power crunch.

Tiffany H

I have tasted almost every single protein bar out there due to a surgery. I tasted the Peanut Butter Créme and fell in love. These are the best tasting protein bars ever! There is no nasty aftertaste and has a good source of protein and sugar ratio. I would recommend these to ANYONE.

Dave R

My favorite attribute about Power Crunch bars is that they are made with the best whey protein on the market. High-DH hydrolyzed whey protein is great because it’s easy on my digestive system which is why I recommend it to my online training clients, friends, and family. Additionally, the taste is out of this world! Thank you Kevin Lawrence for creating a genius product line!

Amy L

Power Crunch > Quest. Peanut Butter Créme seriously stops my candy binges and keeps me on track. The macro profile is great for what I’m trying to accomplish. Good job guys!

Sunny B

I’m obsessed. These are what I’ve been wanting for years.

Luke C

Simply delicious! Low in sugar and a solid load of fat and protein! The dark chocolate rule my world! Great fuel!!

Lisa E

Love the protein bars. It’s like eating a cookie. Even my 6-year old keeps bugging me to have one, sometimes AFTER she’s had dinner, because it apparently seems like a dessert!

Diana V

I’m not really a fan of any protein bar until I tried Power Crunch bar! They are amazing!

Misty G

Just tried the salted caramel ones and oh I am in heaven!!!!

Cricel C

I hated protein bars UNTIL I took one bite into this heavenly bar! From one single bite, I had an instant flashback into the memory of the happiest moment!  I AM BEYOND IN LOVE

Stacey M

Love, love, love these protein bars. Yummy. Did I tell you that I love these protein bars?

Angeliz G

My favorite protein bar! The flavors are amazing, they are super yummy and crunchy. 1000% recommended.