Not All Protein is Created Equal

When you go into a food or drug store these days and walk down the protein bar isle, the sight in front of you is usually enough to leave you feeling dizzy.  Hundreds of brands marketing different things.  Who has the most protein in their bar?  Who has the least amount of sugar?  Who has the lowest amount of fat?  Who has the good fat?  What does that even mean?

We’re here to say that we recognize this and that it’s not always easy to tell which bar is best for you.  The reason for this is because NOT ALL PROTEINS ARE CREATED EQUAL.  The fact of the matter is that we at Power Crunch have the most scientifically advanced protein formula on the market.  Let us explain why…

There are many types of proteins, as we stated before.  Packed into all of our products (bars, drinks and powders alike) is a High-DH Hydrylosate.  In this case, the DH refers to the “Degree of Hydrolysis.”  The simple fact of the matter is that the higher the DH, the smaller the peptides overall and the more di and tripeptides.  Too much science for one blog?  We’ve got you covered.  A High-DH Hydrolysate will have over 40% di and tripeptides and an average molecular weight under 900-1000 daltons.  Shoot, still too technical…sorry!  What we meant to say was, simply put, di and tripeptide content is critical because when specific protein has a high degree of hydrolysis and more di and tripeptides, it requires no further breakdown and is digested immediately upon leaving the stomach.  Therefore, no further energy expended digesting extra protein and 100% of the protein being put to it’s proper use within the body.  Additionally, High-DH protein formulated with MCTs, micronized SoftPsil fiber and low sugar can actually help heal the intestinal tract and increase the nutritional uptake from all foods in your diet.  Did we mention that Power Crunch products contain all of these protein elements?

All brands should note this information on their label and you’ll find that Power Crunch’s industry leading High-DH and di and tripeptide content is the basis of BioNutritional Research Group’s exclusive DTP technology.  Protein Genius!