Boys & Girls Club
+ Power Crunch

Our team has spent much of their time over the last five years getting to know Club members and the staff that work at the clubs. Since 2016, we have had the pleasure to hear stories of their ambitions, mentors they admire, woes, and accomplishments. 

In the era of COVID-19, a significant number of youth across the country did not have access to the technology they needed to make the most of virtual learning, such as laptops and WIFI. To aid in the Clubs’ support of virtual learning this past year, we donated iPads and laptops to Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim.

As we recovered from this unprecedented time, Power Crunch partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to launch its first ever virtual "Snack With A Purpose" campaign on our website. When consumers purchased our BGCA Bundle, 100% of the proceeds benefited the organization. With our loyal customer's support, we were able to donate $10,000 for clubs to use to support in person and virtual learning!